Swagbucks Hack

SwagBucks Hack

Looking for the latest Swagbucks Hack this 2013?  That probably the reason why you got to this site.  Read on and discover some neat Swag Bucks Exploits that I am going to show you.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks has been around for years and is actually an awesome site and is absolutely free to join.  The cool part is, they give out free items like gift cards, game cards and even playstations or xbox and iphones to their members.  The catch however is to complete certain tasks that the system has laid out for its members so they can earn swagbucks points.

What are Swagbucks SB Points?

Swagbucks SB points is like a virtual currency in the systems platform.  For every task that you complete, you are awarded a certain number of points.  This points will then be used to redeem free items.  The task inside the system includes completing surveys, playing games and other cool stuff that will keep you preoccupied.

What is a Swagbucks SB Hack?

Since Swagbucks SB points is the main core of the system, it is the most valuable element and the most wanted points of every member.  Having the power to increase this without doing too much work of completing tasks would be something. 

So, How do you Exploit the Swagbucks Points?

You will need a tool that will do the manipulation for you.  And that tool is available here.  Simply follow the simple instructions:
1.  Download Swagbucks Hack Xbucker
2.  Unpack and install to you computer 
3.  Open your web browser and login to your account.
4. Run Xbucker and enter your username
5.  Wait a few seconds for it to connect to the system
6.  Select the desired amount and click "START"
7.  Wait for it to complete